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Jim Carolan

is an Award Winning, Chart Topping Hit Songwriter with his Smash Hit "I'm Not Coming Down" recorded by Grammy Nominated Artist, Martha Wash, reaching #2 on several Billboard Charts!

I love taking an idea and turning it into something that millions of people will love to sing, that's the power of a great song!

Hire Jim for your Project

If you'd like Jim to write for your Recording Project, Film, TV show, or Commercial...

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Mentors can cut years off the learning curve in any profession.  Jim has mentored dozens of songwriters on both The Craft of Songwriting and the Business of Songwriting.  Many have gone on to get publishing deals, cuts on records, placements in Film and TV and even a few Hits.  Jim mentors songwriters through Private Consults, Song Critiques and his very popular monthly Songwriting Success Seminars.

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Private Consultation

A Private Consult is a one on one meeting with Jim at his studio, by phone or through the Internet where songwriters can get feedback on their songs and how they can improve them.  They can ask questions about the business of songwriting from publishing to pitching songs.  Many songwriters find this personal one on one attention very beneficial to their career growth!

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Song Critiques

Song Critiques can be very helpful to songwriters.  Getting an objective opinion on your song can help you improve your new creation.  It can also save you big money by making sure you are demoing or recording songs that are ready for the Big Time! 

To make your song stronger, sign up for a Song Critique

Songwriting Success Seminars

Songwriting Success Seminars are a series of seminars taught by Jim every month.  They range from the basics of the craft to advanced techniques Hit Songwriters employ to give their songs the advantage they need to get them recorded by artists, placed in Film, TV or Commercials.  These Seminars are held on the fourth Monday every month.  You can attend these seminars through Google Hang Out or in person at Jim’s studio.  To see what seminars are coming up, go to our Events/Seminar page and register for the next Songwriting Success Seminar.

If you want some inside knowledge of Songwriting and the Music Industry...

Join the TuneMaster Club

Join The TuneMaster Club for free!  The TuneMaster Club was founded by Jim to bring songwriters together to network, meet new co-writers and to encourage songwriters to help each other grow as a community.   When you join The TuneMaster Club you will get monthly updates of events such as Guitar Pulls,   Co-Write Camps and networking opportunities.

You can find out more about the TuneMaster Club by visiting our Facebook Page

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