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"Inspirational, informative, caring, and down to earth mentoring. All in one teacher!"

– Rachael Lokay


“Music is an international language enjoyed and shared by billions of people, young to old in every culture in the world.  You may not understand another person’s native language, but a Guitar or Ukulele player can communicate in all languages. That is the power of music!”

– Jim Carolan

Jim Carolan has been a music teacher for over thirty years.  His experience and exceptional teaching skills have helped many of his student’s go on to have success in college music programs, signing record deals, performing as professional musician’s, releasing their own albums, playing at school and church or just sitting on their back porch sharing songs with friends and family!  He has successfully taught students as young as first and second grade up to Elmer, who stated guitar lessons at 80 years young! Some of Jim’s students have had some sort of learning disability and in most cases, he has found ways to help them learn an instrument.


"Jim is the best guitar teacher in the area to learn any style, from rock to blues to Jazz. Was a student as a kid and returned as an adult!" 

-- Carla Meixsell-Arnold

Jim’s approach to teaching is to try to model the student into a well rounded player.


He teaches students how to read music, understand music theory, and how to improvise. They will learn Rock, Blues, Classical, County and Folk music to name a few genres.  He’ll even touch on Punk Rock Polka if the student wants!


Guitar is an instrument that can be used to play almost every style of music and is a great instrument for songwriters to learn!


“If you can play Bass, you will work all the time!” – Jim Carolan

Bass guitar is one of the most “In Demand” instruments in the Music Industry.  There is a shortage of really good Bass Players, and those who can play well will never have trouble finding paying gigs.


It is one of the easier instruments to get started playing and performing, but as with most instruments, the more you practice the better you will be! 

Ukulele & Mandolin

"There's something about the ukulele that just makes you smile."

- Jake Shimabukuro

Ukulele is one of the most popular instruments today!  It is fun to play and you can take it almost anywhere with you.  It is not very hard to get started on and the investment in a good playing Ukulele is very inexpensive.  


Jim also teaches and mentors Ukulele Groups of all ages, so ask Jim about helping you set up a Ukulele Group!


Besides teaching one on one Ukulele lessons, Jim also teaches the Mandolin.  Mandolin is a unique instrument, which like the Ukulele is a relatively inexpensive instrument to purchase.  It is a favorite of Country, Bluegrass, and modern Alternative Rock musicians!


“Jim Carolan’s Songwriting classes are a wealth of information they have helped me immensely.”

– Bob Shepard

Songwriting is a Craft!  Like most Crafts, it can be taught and refined.  What better way to learn the Craft of Songwriting then from a Top 5 Hit Songwriter!  Jim has said; “My passion has always been writing songs and capturing the magic of a great song! I love when I can help another songwriter capture that magic and reach their full potential as a writer!”  You can learn the Craft of Songwriting through private lessons, or check out the Events/Seminars tab for the TuneMaster Club's Songwriting Success Seminars taught by Jim monthly.

Jim Carolan is also a Billboard Hit Songwriter with his #2 Smash Hit “I’m Not Coming Down” recorded by Multi-Grammy Nominated Singer Martha Wash topping several Billboard charts for Two Weeks straight! “I’m Not Coming Down” was in the Top 10 for 11 weeks and went on to become and International Hit with over 20 different version being released! Jim has also had over 100 songs recorded by Artists all over the world!

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