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Producing / Artist Development / Publishing

"Jim: thank you for getting me on track with your knowledge in production, songwriting and the education."
- Mark Williams  


“It’s so cool to see a project go from a dream, to a dream come true!”

– Jim Carolan


Jim Carolan brings years of award-winning hit songwriting, performing and studio experience to every project. As a Producer, he is always looking to capture “the magic” of an artist’s music.  Jim helps an artist find what they want to say, either by writing their next hit with them or by searching for it from outside sources. “We always start with the song,” say’s Carolan. “Great songs make a great album and the right production of those songs makes a great album a hit!”


Jim has produced award winning Pop, Hard Rock, Country, Blues, Dance, Acoustic and Christian records. He has worked in studios in New York, Nashville, Philadelphia, Memphis, New Jersey and at his own studio in Bethlehem, PA. “I have access to the best and most cost effective studios in the country, as well as the top musicians,” say’s Carolan. “I’ll work with your budget to get the most bang out of each buck!”

Let Jim Carolan help your dream become a dream come true!

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